Tutty Fruity

Good Morning Lovelies,

Happy Wednesday! How great, we are half way through the week which means the weekend is in sight. Its been such a lovely couple of the days with all this sunshine. We made the most of it yesterday as Baby May had her first official trip to the beach, however, she wasn’t all that fussed though as she fell asleep about 20 minutes after we arrived. The beach was so busy though its amazing to see everyone out and about on, the tide was out though so we didn’t make it into the sea but there is always next time.

Now onto my latest outfit…I have to firstly thank my amazing photographer Caroline McNally the owner of Wild Things Wed who you might remember I mentioned that we used her for both our Engagement Pictures and Baby May’s Christening back in March as she is also going to be our wedding photographer. She is amazing at what she does and is an absolute pleasure to work with, its always a little nerve racking standing in front of the camera posing but she makes you feels so relaxed and her pictures never fail to impress me!

This outfit is all about the detail, I know its pretty casual but you know me its either super casual or very glam. So today is all about the casual look….I have been in search for a pair of denim shorts for sometime now and came across these in Primark recently. There was something about the blue splash marks on each leg that caught my eye so I decided to bring them home and see if I could make them work. The only thing is there a little on the big size (I still have a habit of buying clothes a size up from when I was pregnant so I need to kick that habit asap) there a size 12 but a 10 would have been perfect. The shirt is another Zara special, I have a shirt that is a little similar to this in terms of the style but the back is a little different with the slit and the colours are nice and bright perfect for summer and then I added my beloved espadrilles from Primark to add a little life to the outfit and boom outfit complete.

Today is my Dad’s birthday so the plan is the go back home this evening and have a mini celebration and of course some cake. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and I will talk to you all soon.


Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Shorts – Primark, Shirt – Zara, Shoes – Primark, HandBag – Michael Kors, Bracelet – Newbridge Silverware, Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabanna)



Hi Lovelies,

Happy Monday!

The sunshine is back and it is absolutely fabulous out there today. It is here to stay for the next couple of days so here is hoping it lasts until the weekend as we have a wedding on Saturday in Ballygally Castle which is on the coastline so the beautiful weather would just be the icing on the cake if it sticks around. I have my outfit got for this wedding but I am not over fussed on it at the moment so I might have a peek around the shops at lunch time to see if there is anything that catches my eye.

I am a self confessed lover of midi skirts so when the sales were on a few weeks ago, I picked up a few of them and as nice as they were on the hanger, I am really happy with how they turned out when I styled them. This navy skirt is a little dark for summer but I teamed it with some white pumps which I may I had took forever to find! There are usually dozens of them in Primark but it took me three solid weeks to get a pair so I had to stock up when I finally found a stash of them. My top is also from Primark, it is just a standard white t-shirt and as the sunshine is her I wore my Ray-Bans to add a little pop of colour to my ensemble. Then voila my outfit is complete! The great thing about this skirt is that it is nice and airy but will be heavy enough to wear in the winter with some tight underneath.

Now I have a few bits to do this morning before I pop into town but I will be back tomorrow with some more updates for you all.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Detail: Skirt: Zara, Top – Primark, Shoes – Primark, Sunglasses – Ray-Bans)


Dundalk Ladies Day

Hell Lovelies,

How has your weekend been? I have been meaning to get back to you all way sooner than today but we are in the process of moving house and I swear there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done! I am literally living out of a suitcase at the moment, its madness but we are nearing the end of what has been a mental couple of months so finger crossed in the next coming weeks we will finally be able to move into a new fixed abode!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I attended Dundalk Ladies Day last week and it was such a great day out! Like most girls out there I love any excuse to get dresses up so when I heard that there was a race meeting on and so close by, I had to go! The style and glamour was not in short supply I tell you! There were some amazing outfits that would take your breathe away and some of the hats and head pieces were so beautiful, you could just people watch all day long and never get tired of it! I choose to wear a white jumpsuit that I picked up in Coast not so long ago and my headpiece was from the one and only Millinary By Mairead, if you are ever in search for a headpiece whether it be a wedding, races or a special occasion, she is definitely worth a visit and lastly my shoes were from Primark. I picked them up that morning as I had planned to wear a different pair of heels but this matched my headpiece so I figured why not! Marshes Shopping Centre, the title sponsor welcomed Lisa Lust List, Rebecca McKinney and Rose Kirk as the celebrity judge of this year’s ‘Marshes Best Dressed Lady’. I was thrilled to be chosen as one of Rebecca’s top 10 which was a huge surprise! Talk about making my day!

So there you have it, my day at the races! It is not something that I usually attend but after last week, I am definitely going to try and make more of an effort to make my way to some more races days.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x



Cold Shoulder

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Hump Day! This week is absolutely flying by compared to last week, it felt like the week was never going to end. However, we are half way there today and I am so excited as we are off to Ladies Day in Dundalk for the races and I for one cannot wait! It has been so long since I have been to Ladies Day so the plan is to make the most of it whilst we are there. My mom loves any excuse to get all dressed up so she is coming with me, if you follow me on Instagram (GlamMeetsGirl) you will get the inside scoop on how our day is going.

So with dressing up in mind, I wanted to show you this little number that is perfect for those nights out on the town! Off the shoulder dresses have always been my weakness, there is something so delicate and yet edgy about it. So when I seen this there wasn’t a hope I was going to leave it behind me. I love the navy and white, its the perfect colour as its not busy and doesn’t distract you from what is going on from the shoulder down. The plan was to wear a different pair of heels but just by chance I put this one and they actually looked better than the original pair I wanted to wear so happy days! Another easy outfit to pop on without little if any fuss (as all new moms know time is of the essence when you are getting ready).

Oh dear, look at the time, I must run but be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the style and glamour today!


Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Dress – Zara, Shoes – Primark)









The Milkyway Kid

Good Morning Everyone,

I am up bright and early today as I have loads to do in the next couple of hours as we are so busy trying to get our new house ready to move into in a couple of weeks. Between floor tiles, carpets and paint who would of thought a house would be such a big undertaking! We definitely under estimated all the work and time it takes when it comes to a move like this but I am trying to remain positive and keep reminding myself that organisation is everything. But as you probably know these things never go without a hitch so here is hoping if something does go wrong it won’t be anything to major.

However, in the meantime, there will always be time for Glam Meets Girl. I have to say this outfit is one that reminds me of my childhood! Some of you might remember that advert on the television for the Milky Way Kid, and that is what this outfit reminds me of! The t-shirt reminding me of my youth and tops like this never go to waste…whether you pair them with some shorts, jeans or some sweat pants they go with everything! You have probably guessed it, another purchase from Zara (I can’t help myself) then I matched it with these shorts from Primark and my lace up ballerina pumps are also from Primark. A very quick and simple ensemble but it was perfect for a casual Tuesday.

Now I am going to dash as I have to meet the guys who are going to fit our carpet to ensure all goes according to plan. Wish me luck!


Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Top – Zara, Shorts – Primark, Pumps – Primark, Sunglasses – Tom Ford)










Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Hello Gang,

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, what ever you might of got up to! We went to see Coldplay on Saturday night and Oh My Goodness…they were AMAZING!! The whole show was unbelievable from start ti finish! I forgot how amazing they actually are live….the whole place was on there feet for the majority of the concert singing, dancing and soaking up the atmosphere. But I wont harp on to much about the concert as the tickets were like gold dust and a lot of people didn’t get to make it.

So onto my latest look, which is very pink!! As you know I am not really a pink lover but I seen this skirt online and its so cute and I love the detail on it so it had to come home with me. It was only €10.00 in the Zara sale and if your lucky they might still be on the website as that’s where I initially spotted it. You might remember my blouse, its old stock from River Island, it was the perfect fit to bring out the baby pink stripes on the skirt. Paired with my Kurt Geiger heels which have probably seen better days but I cant find anything in the shops at the minute that compares to them so they wont be going anywhere for the time being.

Well the weather is back to its old way and is as Irish as ever and we are experiencing four seasons in any one given day! So I plan on doing some admin this evening and getting ahead of all my ever growing list of things to do! Hopefully you will have something a little more exciting planned for the night. I will catch up with you all during the week.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Skirt – Zara, Blouse – River Island, Shoes – Kurt Geiger)






Janssen Cosmetics – My Latest Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk to you about a little miracle serum that I have recently received in some Blogger Mail from the one and only Janssen CosmeticsJanssen Cosmetics offers an extensive range of retail and professional  skin care for every skin profile. The skin care systems are based on unique highly effective active substances with proven effect and high tolerability on the skin that act at a particularly deep level.  So if you’re in search and looking for something to give your skin instant hydration and make it look a little plumper, then you need to check out the their Hyaluron Fluid Moisture Booster.


The skin receives a maximum dose of nourishment thanks to the highly concentrated ampoules. It is perfectly hydrated and from what I experienced was a feeling of constant pampering. The Moisture Booster ampoule set contains long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid to protect and moisturise your skin, resulting in a lifting effect.


There are 7 little viles in a box, but there is a lot of product in each vile, that you can nearly get two days out of each one! What i must tell you is that in less than two days I noticed a visible difference of using these! I felt that my skin was absolutely more hydrated but I also felt that it had plumped out my fine lines a little. My skin looked so much more youthful and even better my foundation sat better.

The Janseen capsules enable you to nourish your skin, making it look radiantly beautiful. For me, the booster was a highly effective course providing a nourishing treatment that produced beautifully radiant, smooth and wonderfully rested skin. Something that we all need every now and then!

The Energy Booster ampoule set is ideal for use in times of increased suscepti­bility to stress, and features caviar extract to stimulate and regenerate the skin.  So there you have it – my latest review! I hope I’ve answered all of your questions but if you have more feel free to comment below or drop me a PM.

Until Next Time,

Glam Meets Girl x

Cherry On Top

Hello Everyone,

How has your week been going? Only one more sleep until the weekend…happy days! Have you anything nice planned? Its all systems go here at the moment, I am so excited to see Coldplay on Saturday, although I still don’t have an outfit so its about time to get that sorted.

Unfortunately this post is going to be on the short side as May is fast asleep and I am trying to get as much work done as possible whilst I have the time. This outfit is a little gem! It is from Zara (another piece from the summer sale) but it was so much nicer on than on the hanger. The colour screams summer and is perfect for those sunny days when you are out and about. To top it off I think it was only €12.99, talk about a bargain buy!! You have seen these shoes a dozen times but they go with pretty much everything and Im mad that I didn’t pick up the baby pink colour when I bought them as there no where to be seen now, I have checked four different Primark store and still cannot find them.

Well that is all from me today but I promise to be back before the end of the weekend.


Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Playsuit – Zara, Shoes – Primark. Sunglasses – Ray Bans)



Dandy Lions

Hello Lovelies,

How is everyone doing? I hope this post finds you well on this Wednesday morning!

Last weekend, when I got home my final package that I ordered from the Zara sales arrived and needless to say it brightened up my Friday! Don’t you just love when you order something online and everything fits and you do not have to return anything (its the little things in life). Well among some of the pieces that arrived was this little summer dress which I absolutely love. Its ideal for those summer days and nights. As you know I like to keep things casual and this outfit is no different, simple to dress up or down. Of course, I opted to go for the simple look pairing it with my River Island shoes that I cannot get enough of. Does anyone else but a pair of shoes and try to style an outfit around them?

Well that is it for now….I am off to work and then continuing with the joys of packing when I get home. Here is hoping your Wednesday is a little bit more eventful than mine.


Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Dress – Zara, Shoes – River Island)


Red & White

Hey Gang,

How is your Monday treating you? A fresh new week and we gotta do it all over again! I know it is only the beginning of the week but I am soooo excited for the weekend. We managed to get tickets for Coldplay who are playing in Croke Park and I am really looking forward to seeing them! We were incredibly lucky to have got the two that we did as the tickets are like gold dust at the minute.

Here is a little look at my latest look, another Zara special. I am not really a big sales person but there are two sales that I always keep an eye out for and that is the River Island and Zara sale. I always stock up on my summer and winter wardrobe when those sales begin and this year was no different. I like to scout Zara just before the sale begins so I know what to look out of online and I was pretty lucky this time as everything that I had my eye on was available when I went to purchase it. This shirt is amazing, its a basic wardrobe staple but will easily cater for all seasons. Perfect to pair with a pair of short or some denim skinny jeans when the weather gets a little chiller.

Now I am off to catch up on Love Island, this show had completely taken over my tv time. Its highly addictive!

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Shirt – Zara, Shorts – Primark, Sneakers – Zara, Sunglasses – Zara)