Tulle It is

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Monday to all you beautiful people! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and you are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to start a new week.

I was so excited when I got this found this tulle skirt in Stradivarius just before Christmas. It was one of those purchases that I was aiming to wear post baby and today I tried it on and it fit perfectly. It is the perfect piece for winter and of course the perfect colours for this time of year! I may have a little obsession with all things tulle lately. I teamed it with this plain black top and my trusted boots (both from Primark)….I thought it fit pretty well with this skirt!

Well that is all for now but I will be back with some mote updates during the week.


Glam Meets Girl x









Greys On Repeat

Hello Gang,

Happy Sunday! How was your weekend?

I am all about a comfortable/cozy dressing at the minute, and this outfit was exactly that! I paired it with these grey and black shoes from Primark and classic black gilet and I ended up loving the combo. I literally had two minutes to do something to my awful hair this day, so poker straight seemed to be the only answer. It’s usually my go to hairdo when I am having one of those bad hair day, sometimes it works and well sometimes it doesn’t.

This outfit has so many different pieces that I like to wear over and over again. You can never have too many go-to jeans, basic tops, and an amazing fur gilet. For some reason recently I don’t ever get sick of black, white, and grey, and I seem to always gravitate towards them when I’m shopping.

Well that is all for now! Time for a little cup of tea and a little catch on some shows I missed during the week.

Chat Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x


Respisense Ditto Monitor Alarm

Hello Lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk to you about a little device called the Respisense Ditto Monitor Alarm that we were recommended after Baby May was discharged from hospital. The Respisense is a unique sensor baby monitor alarm that tracks your babies breathing as they sleep.

What I love about the Respisense that other portable monitors lack, is the ability to use it anywhere. You can enjoy some peace of mind as the baby monitor clips onto the waistband of babies nappy without intrusion and monitors baby’s stomach movements while sleeping. It is designed to alarm when no movement has been detected for 20 seconds it is also programmed to activate a gentle tickling stimulus to the stomach if no movement is detected for 15 seconds. This is usually sufficient to encourage baby to breath normally.

The respisense was designed by a father and extensively tested on his own triplets. It has been designed for use on babies from 0 – 12 months old.

It has the following features:

  • Respisense Ditto has same functions as Respisense Buzz.
  • Monitors Baby Tummy Movement with Sensors and alarms if no movement detected in 15-20 seconds
  • Sensor Baby Monitor that clips onto baby’s nappy. Fully portable.
  • Parent replaceable battery
  • Tummy Touch feature alerts you if the monitor has not been fitted correctly
  • Ergonomic water resistant design. Use it anywhere in the car, granny’s lap, in a pram or even in the garden

Not only is it highly effective and a reliable breathing monitor, it is portable for your convenience and can be used wherever baby falls asleep. For us, this has been a great investment, the peace of mind it has given me has helped me and my baby get a better nights sleep. I really couldn’t recommend it enough around the globe its even better than Angel Care. Trust me you wont be sorry!



May’s Birth Story

Hmmm, where do I even begin! Firstly, it is hard to believe that our May has been here with us for over two weeks. Her whole birth experience feels like it was a life time ago. If I have learnt anything from this whole experience it is that  you need to have an open mind and not everything always goes as planned. It is easy to say now but you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way and a healthy baby will always be your top priority.

I have been trying to find the time to put together my story and have come to the decision that instead of doing a whole fancy announcement or photoshoot, I figured it was best to keep it real and raw (just like the whole experience) and write to you all as I lie in my bed whilst she sleeps in between her feeds.

Wednesday, December 28th, Baby May Lily Rafferty was born. We were head over heels in love from the moment we laid eyes on her. Our daughter took a cool and calm approach to making her entrance into the world. She arrived right on time on her due date at 7.58pm weighing 8 pounds 13 oz. Long and lean just like her mom and dad! Even though I have rarely had any experience with babies and had no clue what I was doing, it all feels so natural now. The first night in the hospital, I didn’t really sleep and was so jittery and excited to bring her home like all new moms but we had a minor set back on day two. May suffered two dusky spells and on examination the nurse and doctor decided to do some further examinations which ended up with May in ICU for a series of tests to be conducted to try and decipher what exactly was causing what seemed to be seizures of some sort. Now without scaring any of you parents to be out there, I don’t think anyone can ever imagine their little baby in ICU and all that comes with it! To say that it is a frightening experience is putting it lightly but we have come out the other side and after 10 long days, numerous tests and sleepless nights, we finally have left the hospital and haven’t looked back since.

The one thing that hindsight has provided is the comfort of knowing that no matter what you do in these early days to survive, like let her sleep on your chest instead of her crib or succumb to giving her a soother, motherhood is tough, really tough and ups and downs come with the territory and are to be expected. Some days you are amazing and others days….well your not so amazing at it. But know that as long your baby is fed, warm and snuggled that you are your babies best mom.






Leather Cameo

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Thursday! My goodness, its cold out there today….I am just in the door after finishing the last of my Christmas shopping (does it ever end). The stores are crazy at the minute, the rush is well and truly underway!

Its a well know fact that both denim and leather go together like peas in a pod as far as I am concerned. One of the many reasons to love both fall and winter is because this combo can be reused over and over again. I am always on the search for new leather or faux leather jackets, you can never have too many in my opinion. One other thing I love about these leather jackets is the simple colour of them, the black leather finish provides a base that can be paired with so many different pieces and allows you to keep the look casual or dress it up a bit more.

Well that is all for today! I hope this finds each of you happy and well and enjoying this wonderful holiday season.


Glam Meets Girl x











Wild Side

Hey Gang,

Happy Wednesday! Only a few more sleeps until you wind up for Christmas, how exciting!!

Here is a little look we shot at the weekend, I completely forgot to post it at the start of the week, lets just say baby brain is something that I have been experiencing as of late but hopefully not for much longer. This jacket was something that I seen in New Look last week and its not typically something that I would wear but when I tried it on, I fell in love! It is perfect for the winter months ahead and can be paired with both a dressy or a casual look depending on your mood. I paired it with some black leggings and a wool polo jumper, nice and simple but sometimes less is more.

I am so tired this evening after a busy day so I’m looking forward to relaxing on the couch for the night with some tea and treats.

Catch you all tomorrow,

Glam Meets Girl x










Blushed Tones

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all had a good week so far. Can you believe it’s just 5 sleeps until Christmas? Where has the time gone! I’m getting so excited, Christmas is my absolutely favourite time of year.

I don’t have anything major planned for the week ahead other than perhaps heading into town as usual and maybe getting some nice food and maybe do some shopping.

Now down to business, my outfit. This is another casual combo and Primark have done it again with this maxi cardigan of dreams! It’s so chunky and cosy & the best part….it’s only €10! Paired with some jeans and clean white trainers, the perfect addition to a casual outfit.

I will have another look to come on the blog over the next few days so keep posted.

Chat Later,

Glam Meets Girl x





Cosy Jumpers

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are all well? Today I’m back with another outfit courtesy of Primark! I am currently obsessed with all there winter line at the minute and wanted to share my growing obsession with you.

My number one favourite item has to be these cosy wool jumpers. Believe me when I say this is definitely as described – it’s so cosy. I have one in black, dark green and grey, they can be worn with jeans and trainers for that ultra comfy look and at the minute I have that look down to a tee! After all it is that time of year to wrap up and keep yourself nice and toastie and that is exactly what these jumpers do.

That is all for now lovelies, enjoy the rest of your day!


Glam Meets Girl x








Grey Shades

Hello Gang,

I hope you are all having a great day! It’s time to get out and enjoy the weekend so I will keep it short and sweet today, but just wanted to share a quick look with you.

Today’s color palette is all things grey and black.  I find myself wearing more black and grey’s lately and I am loving it! This little number is from Zara, my go to brand that I have been wearing for months now, and is one that I absolutely still love. They always have a great variety and I know that once I start browsing, I always find a bunch of pieces that I really like. These boots are from Primark, they are from last years winter collection and it is safe to say that I have outworn them! Even being pregnant I have still managed to get great use out of them.

Anyways, that is enough from me.


Glam Meets Girl x







Keeping It Cozy

Hello Everyone,

A good over-sized jumper is one item that I have recently come to not be able to live without. It is something that can be styled so many different ways and can be worn over and over again.  I love wear it when I’m just hanging out at home, on a date night, on an airplane….really I will wear it anywhere! This may not be pieces that you wear as often, but definitely one that you should have in your wardrobe.

I seriously can’t get enough of these lately.  They are so cozy and I would wear them to bed.  So anyways, I’m sorry for over wearing them but a pregnant women has the right to over wear things right?

These shoes are a must have and I can’t wait to continue to wear them. This post is pretty simple but I hope you enjoy and have a lovely Saturday!


Glam Meets Girl x