Kate Spade Charging Purses

Cell phone charging has become one of the greatest dilemmas of the 21st century. Trying to find a public electric outlet, with a dying phone battery, is enough to give any cell user a minor panic attack. However, there is an answer for ladies on-the-go looking to save their sanity from a dead iPhone.

Designed for “customers who live a life on-the-go,” the forthcoming Kate Spade & Co. Ever purse collection features iPhone-charging technology to keep your beloved handset fully juiced up. These fashionable accessories for women will sport the ability to recharge iPhones. A fully charged Everpurse should last two days for a typical iPhone user.

The bags will cost between $198 and $698. They will have the ability to charge iPhones including all models from iPhone 5 through the iPhone 6 Plus. The bags themselves are never plugged into a wall outlet, but instead rest on a charging mat, which sends energy wirelessly into a battery inside.

Not many details or styles are available to view right now, but you can sign up for update via Everpurse.com.

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