Bohemian Fashion – Boho Chic Is Back

The bohemian aesthetic isn’t solely defined by patched denim or concert-hopping flower children. As of the spring runways, the more romantic notions of the style are taking form.

Boho Chic is always in style, with retailers like River Island, TopShop and  Urban Outfitters showcasing boho items in their ranges every season. But every so often, Boho Chic makes a fashion statement, or is “on trend”, and that’s what has happened for Spring 2015.

The new boho is about making bohemian inspired styles wearable for your everyday life, whether you’re going to the office or anywhere else where a flowing maxi dress or fringed crop top may not be appropriate.

If you like the laid-back look with fun and flirty details, the boho trend is definately your style for spring. Free, flowy and functional—this festival-ready trend makes the most of the season with cool, easy-fitting styles and earthy, tribal-inspired details. Make the style your own with lots of accessories sure to keep spring fresh.

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