Everyone Is Wearing Dungarees

Calling all 90s fashion fans – dungarees are back. From Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott, to on the street and the catwalks, this childhood staple has been resurrected in multiple styles for the new season.

As trends always come back around, denim overalls are having their moment right now and have been gaining popularity. Everyone is coming out with their take on the revived trend and giving them a modern update.

Dungarees are a bit of an odd one as they have a bit of a bad hype sometimes, some may think that they should be kept for painters or 5 year olds. But dungarees can be surprisingly chic. For a modern clean look why not teamed them up with some heels however they can have you feeling nostalgic so you can also pair them with converse and a stripped tee.

I think they’re perfect for summer, rather than sticking to boring old shorts, and I will definitely be putting these on my ‘To Buy’ list. They really will last a lifetime!

Time to Invest Ladies!


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