Trend Alert – Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirror Mirror on the wall, which are the fairest sunglasses of them all? This season, mirrored sunnies are ruling the land, with their pretty rainbow-reflective lenses and huge celebrity following. From Rita Ora to Blake Lively, A-listers a plenty love these reflective retro shades.

These color-tinted mirrored sunglass trend photographs brilliantly, so it is no surprise that from the beach to the streets, Instagrammers are rocking some seriously bright eyewear these days. With eye-catching reflective lenses, mirrored sunglasses in vibrant hues are a powerful and playful way to add flair to your look.

These style reflect the sunlight, illuminating and accenting the colors of your outfit. Whether you choose a round, ’70s-inspired silhouette, aviators, or a playful design that boasts prints or heart-shaped rims, mirrored sunglasses aren’t just an average accessory.

Check out some of my favourite sunglasses below to find your sunny inspiration!

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