Get The Look…

When it comes to trends, Kim Kardashian has left none untouched. From crop tops in L.A. to sweeping coats in Paris, Mrs. Kardashian West has been fearless in her fashion choices, and it’s made for one of her best-dressed years ever.

The star’s signature look is all about shock effect, after all, whether it’s wearing an extremely low-cut top or squeezing into a latex dress.

We’ve seen Kim Kardashian West’s style evolve over the years, but a couple of things have remained consistent: Kim is not afraid to take risks and she’s one of the most popular celebrity fashion figures around. No matter what she’s wearing, she manages to inject her own brand of glamour into her look whether she’s sporting off duty style, catching a fashion show or attending VIP events.

Whether you’re a fan or foe, you have to admit Kim Kardashian underwent a major style makeover.

Lets have a look through the best of the reality star’s wardrobe.

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