First Impressions: Crest Teeth Whitening Strips

I’ve used Crest teeth whitening strips a few times over the past couple of years, anyone who lives in Ireland will know just how hard it is to whiten your teeth on a budget and these are the only product I’ve found to actually work without breaking the bank. As most of you will probably know that Crest whitening strips aren’t available to buy within Ireland, thus meaning you need to find an online seller that has imported them from the US.

Crest Whitestrips can be ordered online in various sized boxes depending on how many treatments you would like. There are 20 days worth of treatments in the box, with an upper and lower teeth strip in each packet.

The application process is pretty much self explanatory. Each envelope contains one upper and one lower strip. The longer one is for for the upper teeth, and the shorter one is for the lower teeth.

Then to remove the strips, just gently peel the strips off starting with the backside of the teeth. The strips are pretty sticky, so if you end up using these strips, just take your time. Sometimes the strips leave a little bit of the residual from the gel on the strips. I remove it by gently brushing my teeth.

I think that you are meant to use them continuously for 20 days but you will see results much quicker than this! I’d say that 7 days will be enough for a trail run. I found that taking a day in between the treatments off so my teeth can have a little break and I find that this helps with the sensitivity.
The results are impressive – whiter, brighter teeth after just two 30-minute treatments. These strips are so simple to use, affordable and something anyone can do from home. I highly recommend them!

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