Lace Up Ballet Flats

When it comes to shoes, women are suckers for punishment but this seasons must-have shoe is something we all need to have in our wardrobe – Lace Up Flats! I have stumbled upon this new trend shoe for 2015 summer.

A combination of the platform and gladiator that can easily be worn day or night time. They have taken the catwalks by storm and have quickly become a popular shoe on the red carpet!

Personally I can’t stand flats. I find them way too basic for me but these have definitely got my stamp of approval. If you’re looking for somethings a little more polished, and you want something with a closed toe you can wear all summer, The answer comes in the form of this season’s lace up flats.

Not your typical flats, this updated silhouette comes with laces to tie up right around the ankle adding subtle oomph to every outfit without any real effort. Trust me when I say, they’re about to be the next big thing in shoes, so just consider this your fair warning and get a head start before there’s nothing left in stock.

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