Mani Trend – White Nails

I have really been embracing the all-white-everything fashion trend for summer, and it’s not stopping at my fingertips.

All-white nails with precise details, crisp stripes, sexy metallics, unexpected pastels, and over-the-top art—are this summers top nail trends. If you want to pick one that has a little magic combination: Matte or shiny, it is a beauty case must-have.

Head-to-Toe white is a huge trend right now from fashion to beauty. A ton of celebrities are rocking white nails. There are two ways to get the look. One is with a crisp white, like OPI’s “Alpine Snow” or Sally Hansen’s “White On.” If that’s too white-out for your taste, you can go more subdued with a pearlescent shade like “Kyoto Pearl.”

TBS tip: white nail polish is also great to be used as base, enhancing the color you apply over it. Try it under an orange shade and you’ll see the amazing result!

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