The Mini Returns

Its that transitional time again – the new collections are out, but it doesn’t feel like time to cover up yet. The answer? A versatile mini….

There are many different fashion trends that defined the 1960s, but the miniskirt is one that sticks out the most. Perhaps it’s because I’ve just heavily edited my closet in the name of spring cleaning, or perhaps I just love a good staple but the super-versatile miniskirt seems like a wardrobe workhorse we can get behind.

Of course knowing how to style your mini can save you loads of time. With some amazing designs available which include high-waisted, flared, slim-fit, A-line and many other silhouettes.

Keep in mind one thing: wearing short design, the key is to create a proportional look, that will make you ideal. Many fashion brands give a lot of attention to this bottom, making you look feminine, elegant and special. The best part of this item, you can easily match it with different tops or shorts making all eyes to be on you. All in all, thanks to these looks you will know how to style your mini.

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