The Rise of Belt Bags

When it comes to weighing in on the look of spring 2015, attention to detail is all important. The newly coined “waist bag” or “belt bag” is gaining favour—and the appreciation is nearly devoid of irony.  Indeed the fanny pack is getting a re-brand.

There are certain accessories that are best left to the runways—Hula-hoop bags or veils for daytime spring to mind. And yet the fanny pack, a bag that was once the reserve of school field trips, is in the midst of a high fashion revival. From Céline to Tory Burch, the glam new look of the hip-hugging style is a far cry from its humble nylon beginnings.

Whether you’re a Coachella die-hard or a casual concertgoer, one thing we can all agree on is that there’s nothing worse than having to fuss around with your bag when all you want to do is dance. While crossbody bags and backpacks leave your hands free for taking pictures and enjoying an ice cold beer, they can sometimes get in the way of your ridiculously good dance moves. Hence, why its time to turn to the belt bag.

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