Silk Fibre Lash Mascara

This new sleek mascara transforms your lashes from a daytime natural to sexy and sultry in a matter of seconds. This mascara’s cutting edge formula will deliver thicker, fuller, and softer lashes with up to 5 times your natural volume and length. This silk mascara will be your next beauty essential!

The transplanting gel & natural fibres are in two seperate tubes that come in a  beautiful case. beautiful. You start with the gel & then the fibres, if you fancy longer lashes you can build up the fibres to get a more dramatic look. The gel itself has a bristle wand & you apply it in the same way as you would any normal mascara.The wand has fibres which feel like cotton wool, this does feel a little unusual at first application but you can really see your lashes grow which is really fun.

How to apply:

  • You first take the mascara and apply normally to your lashes.
  • Next, you take the fibre wand and apply the tiny fibres to the ends of your lashes before the gel dries. DO NOT use this like normal mascara.
  • Finish with another coat of mascara to secure the fibres to the end of your lashes.

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