The Latest Trend – The Coatigan

There are some trends that come and go, and some that stick around forever. When it comes to hybrid trends, I’m never quite sure what the life expectancy will be. However, the coatigan looks very promising. The coatigan is not quite a coat, and not quite a cardigan.

Whether it’s windy sunny or et outside, one thing is for certain it will be cold. But don’t worry, this latest fashion trend that is designed to keep you cosy, whatever the weather.

The coatigan especially from far away looks like a coat. It has a more solid structure along with its coat like detail. Its warm and stylish, and a perfect item for layering. It also isn’t as restricting as a coat, and it’s warmer than a cardigan, which means that you needn’t sacrifice comfort for style, and that is our favourite kind of fashion. The coatigan definitely gives an air of sophistication.

Add it to the Wish List Ladies!

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