Time To Embrace The Brooch

The brooch is a seriously underrated accessory. As a piece of jewelry it has limitless possibilities, which makes it strange that we never see them. Well, that all might change by the time fall 2015 rolls around.

For years, the brooch has felt a bit dull and uninspired, associated with well-meaning grandmothers and relegated to your local flea market. Rare was the street style star who opted for a decorative pin on her jacket lapel. But now they’ve come back with a vengeance.

Its clear that the brooch is back in a big way and is turning up in unexpected places like the cuff of a pair of jeans or clipped to a belt loop, It adds a delightful finishing touch like frosting on a cake. More importantly it is rare to find an accessory that toes the line between feminine, bold and, at the same time, a little naive but brooches hit the mark with these pretty pieces. My only problem? Which one(s) to buy?

There’s no reason to wait until fall to try this trend out if it appeals to you.

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