Watch Out – Larsson & Jennings

With roots in Stockholm and London, Larsson & Jennings crafts sleek watches that marry a smart British aesthetic with Swedish minimalism. The signature bold face is statement-making and sophisticated – choose the leather-band ‘Lader’ for a classic look, or the chain-mesh ‘CM’ for a contemporary take.

With Larsson & Jennings fast becoming a favourite, I’m guessing a lot of people will be wanting an in-depth review of the watch before they commit to buying. As a fashion blogger, I have learned a couple of things: one of them being to invest in timeless fashion pieces. Items, which are classy, elegant yet chic. Pieces you can wear with any outfit and which complete your look. Items like this Larsson and Jennings watch.

To me, this watch is just something special. It completes an outfit with such simple and discreet elegance, that no more accessories are needed. I also love the story behind it: a truly international watch. Larsson & Jennings aims to reconcile both cities’ design philosophies through attractive, reasonably-priced watches.

Time to join the chain gang, don’t you think?


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