All Patched Up

If you’ve been seeing more and more elbow patches lately, you’re not the only one. I’ve been watching them slowly trickle into the stores, silently. They’re like the ninja trend – just waiting to spring on us.

We’ve seen tweaked proportions all over the runway this season—from skirts to sweaters, everyone is loving this look that instantly adds high-fashion sensibility to an ensemble.

Whether it’s leather, suede, or sequins, they’re popping up everywhere, making even the simplest sweater or blazer look sophisticated. This trend is for both men and women. I think it’s great especially on blazers. And if you can’t find a piece with elbow patches on them already, there are a lot of DIY ways to do it!

They’re one of the favourite winter affectations and the source of some of the best pieces in the closet.


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