The Sunglass Brand You Must See – Quay Australia

Born out of the back of a van, Quay Australia started out roadside on the festival circuit. Fronted by husband and wife duo, Allen and Linda Hammond, theirs is a vintage-inspired range of throwback shades. Expect mirrored lenses and oversized frames across a classic collection of cat-eye and aviator styles.

One brand that I have been aware of for a while now is Quay Australia. I have seen them popping up non-stop on my Instagram feed for ages and, honestly, their sunglasses are TO DIE FOR!!

Quay has made sure that these sunglasses not only transform your style and take your sex appeal up a notch or two; it has made sure that the sunglasses have the best quality at the most affordable prices.

Quay Australia are a seriously cool brand and I highly recommend checking them out. They are stocked on Topshop and on ASOS so give them a little browse.

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