A League Of Flare Own

For devotees
 to the skinny, this one isn’t going to be easy. Your transition starts here as the flare is back!

Flares are back with a vengeance, trouncing down the runways and on the streets on the legs of editors, bloggers, and god knows who else. They are just about the most exciting thing to happen to denim since the advent of skinny jeans.

The trick with flared jeans is all about fitting. Bearing in mind skinny on the legs and fitted on the hips. It’s about creating a flattering silhouette: tiny waist, long body, slightly curved.

Its time to play with volume. A three-quarter-length coat can enhance the fluidity of the pants silhouette or invest in a pair of flares with an easy leg that juts out slightly at the calf, this style works well with a button-down shirt and a pair of slingbacks. The perfect option for a casual Fridays or if you require a denim look that’s not a “five-pocket style.”

So will you be updating your denim stash?


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