Keep Your Cuticles In Check

The unsung hero of the manicure that keeps nails neat and glossy, a good cuticle oil is essential for well-groomed, elegant hands.

A great cuticle oil nourishes your cuticles and stimulates healthy nail growth. Some oils can transform dry cuticles surprisingly quickly. However, for the best long term results, it is recommended that you use cuticle oil at least once a day rather than as a one-off salvation measure.

I do try to look after my cuticles because I’m predisposed to dryness. So I picked up a bottle  of Sally Hansen Vitamin E Moisturising Nail and Cuticle Oil because it was reasonably priced and easy to find. I must say I love the brush applicator. The oil itself is amazing and it’s not heavily scented which is an added bonus.

I usually try to apply the oil around bedtime and I wake up with softer cuticles. This cuticle oil definately get results that look just as professional as the nail salons achieve.

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