Tulle Skirts

You may have spotted the most recent recent trend that is midi skirts however it’s now time to go one step further – lets talk about tulle. Now I know your probably thinking.,..tulle skirts are just another term for tutu, and there’s no way you’re wearing one. But, bear with me because you might be missing out.

Now it’s not easy to pull off the ballerina look outside of a performance of Swan Lake, but a tulle skirt can provide the same femininity in your wardrobe without resorting to a full-on tutu. In my opinion the tulle works best in pastels colours providing simple yet elegant outfits that you can make it work as part of your own style.

These skirts are generally seen in a chic, romantic and casual style. They are just so flirty and fun, and I love seeing them worn with a casual t-shirt and a leather moto jacket for a twist on the fancy vibe they usually have.

Take a peek at these stylish ladies who have proven there are many ways you can wear the tulle skirt. Here are some looks to tempt you into trying out this new trend.


  1. I love these…but you have to help me with the one question I have…when am I going to wear it?! I buy all of these glam items and feel that I have no where to wear it to. Suggestions, please! 😛


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