Inglot Under Make Up Base

We all know how important primers are. They help in lasting the foundation and give a smoother application. I have always preferred a gel based primer, I don’t know why but I think they give your skin space to breath. Hence, why I love Inglot’s Under Make Up Base.

This is a great alternative to the more expensive primers. The Inglot primer has a nice slip to it. I don’t use a lot, just dab some on my forehead, chin and either side of my nose and blend. However, you may need to touch up after half a day. But still, this does a great job in controlling oil especially if you use liquid foundation.

The silky and smooth feel gel is made by dispersing oil swellable sponge-like spheres in a mixture of sillicones. The product has no colour, no fragrance and only needs to be applied in a small quantity. Just a tiny amount and it goes a long way. Then you wait 2-3 minutes to allow the gel to set  and then apply your foundation.

The primer comes in a tiny plastic tube with a screw lid. The packaging is cute and very travel friendly to. If your in the market for a new primer, I strongly suggest the Inglot Under Make Up Base.


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