Maskeraide Sheet Masks

After seeing some of my favourite celebrities rocking moisturizing sheet masks on Instagram and reading all about their many benefits online, I was very excited to try a few MaskerAide sheet masks myself.

MaskerAide is a Canadian company that promises the safest formula for all skin types while being eco-friendly. The masks are literally soaking in a highly concentrated argan oil-based serum with vitamins and nutrients and are free of parabens, harsh dyes and pigments, mineral oils and artificial fragrances.

Now unlike some sheet masks out there, the MaskerAide sheet masks only cost $6.00 each. There are a number of masks available, each with its own bundle of benefits.

The masks are super easy to use. The sheets come soaked in a packet of serum, all you have to do is apply the sheet to your face and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Yes, you will look like something straight out of a horror film for those 20 minutes, but the end results are worth it! My skin always looks instantly smoother and hydrated.

If you haven’t yet tried a sheet mask, you really are missing out. They’re so much more effective than traditional face masks that dry out and need to be washed off within 10 minutes of application.

With over 6 masks to choose from, the Maskeraide website allows you to choose a 6 pack variety for less than $40.00. With a whole bunch of different beauty products available for you, it’s the best place to do all your beauty shopping in one spot.



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