Bioderma Sensibio H20

Bioderma is a fragrance-free liquid makeup remover whose basic formula is ideal for sensitive skin.The gentleness of its formula is one of the reasons it is so highly rated. It works to remove most types of makeup, although it struggles a bit with waterproof mascara.

Because this is a thin liquid, it must be applied with a cotton pad or ball. However I would recommend that you can use a cotton swab around the eyes.

What is it?
It’s a toner-like cleanser and makeup remover specifically made for oily skin. The word “micellar” is the key. It simply means that the solution is made up of tiny suspensions called micelles, made up of cleansing oils, suspended in water. The droplets of oil are so small that they form a uniform phase at least to the naked eye.

That is the key why Bioderma’s Micellar cleansers are so efficient at cleansing the skin and yet does not leave that greasy after feel one often gets from using cleansing oils. And unlike normal cleansers, the Micellar Water is alcohol-free, so there is no drying effect.

How to Use
Place a few drops on a cotton pad, use on face. Done!

This is certainly a great product, and an absolute lifesaver in situations where you need to remove and reapply makeup the same day for whatever reason.


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