Yay Or Nay? Plaid Trend

It seems as if everyone is in plaid for Autumn 2015. Strictly speaking, plaid is just another word for tartan, but nowadays it’s open to interpretation. This seasons patterns are more complicated than check, which is basically squares, but they both lend themselves to similar styles.

From classic plaid shirts to plaid skirts to plaid jackets, the check pattern is  dominating the fashion scene with just about every other piece of clothing. Now this is not a new trend but plaid has somewhat come back with a fresh look this season. With more daring in colours and shapes and more diverse in forms.

If the trend is good enough for Olivia Palermo and Pippa Middleton, I think it’s good enough for us. So its time to pair your favourite with boyfriend jeans for a casual coffee run or perhaps opt for a silky plaid with a pencil skirt for a stylish office ensemble.


  1. I love plaid but I like it when it’s only one piece in an outfit. The whole top to bottom plaid thing just doesn’t look right.


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