Fall Lipstick – Berry Shade

Calling all lipstick lovers! Rocking the berry lipstick is about to be in again.

People tend to categorize colors by season, pastels for spring, summer whites, fall moody hues especially in the beauty industry. As we head into autumn, it’s inevitable that we will see those wine, berry, and oxblood lipsticks hit the shelves.

Berry works well for most people when it is used subtly. If your skin is dark you can get away with the deeper colours, but if you are pale and the shade you might end up looking like Lorde. If you want to look like Lorde, that’s all well and good but if the goth look is not for you, there are plenty of other ways to use berry tones.

Don’t berry everything at once. If you’ve got a blackberry or plum shade on your nails and lips, then use a neutral colour on your eyes and the smallest amount of blusher. The way to wear berry lipstick in warmer months is simple. Keeping the rest of your makeup to a minimum will give your skin a bronzed glow by using a light dusting of bronzer instead of your usual blusher.

This season, pay homage to the beauty icons of the ’90s with shades of burnt sienna, brick red, vampy violet and more.


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