The Pleated Mini Skirt

Behold the folds – Every skirt will have some this season. If you’ve been wary of pleated skirts thus far, now’s the time to give them a try.

It’s unusual how a pleated mini-skirt flirts with the limits of the vulgar but this fall it’s one of the hottest trends. A definite wardrobe staple for every girl that likes fashion should have one in her closet. The silhouette of such a skirt is rather subtle, girly and has that sexy effect. Volumes and textures, casual or classic, make this kitschy skirt hot and fashionable but be careful – it doesn’t hide the disadvantages of the figure in case you have some.

I just cannot get enough of the pleated skirt this season. There is a lush range of fabrics in the hottest print of the season,  ranging from luxe dark and moody florals, and delish seasonal hues that will have you wanting more and more. Pleated detailing is an element of tailoring that always looks chic and pulled together. My personal favourite being the full midi skirt seen across the catwalks this season.

It’s time to polish your pins as the pleated mini skirt is by far the style of the new season.



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