Cape Town

Outerwear is a major component to any Autumn/Winter collection, and this season, it seems as if every designer was set on showing some version of the cape. This fashion-forward street style has been forgoing sleeves for years.

Capes are the ultimate in warmth and versatility, and a dream if you love layers. They’re trending big time for Autumn 2015, and there is in fact a style to suit every need. Winter wear is a challenge because it is difficult to be unique and stylish and also keep warm. The cape covers all of these points by its very nature as an alluring and stylish coat alternative.

Didn’t we all want to be some sort superheroes growing up? There is a different kind of power that comes with a cape. Well, lucky for us girls, we can wear one in the winters at least without people judging us.

Whether it’s worn on a dress, gown or even on a pair of skinny denims; a cape can effortlessly add a stylish and edgy look to your outfit. These versatile pieces are a definite must have this season. Here are some great ways to wear a cape and look effortlessly stylish.


  1. I was recently given a wonderful suede cape with fringe from BCBG and when paired with elbow length gloves, it makes a very alluring and fashionable statement. I can wear this cape with tights or jeans and either way, the look is fabulous.


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