Waist Management

Ladies, it’s that time once again, to accentuate the waist with big bold belts. Designers have drawn the eye to the midriff to build hourglass shapes, create a color contrast or just make that added touch to complete your outfit.

There’s something about a belt that instantly provides character. If you’re a picture, the belt is your frame. And while it’s looped around your waist, not a piece of jewelry hanging from your neck, a belt is immediately personal. For fall, prepare to say farewell to the skinny belt, and say hello to serious waist-cincher belts, which designers are pairing with everything from pantsuits, to dresses, to even onesies.

A cinched waist is a clear must for silhouettes in Autumn/Winter 2015, and the best way to get one is with a corseted belt. Wrapped over coats, jumpsuits, and dresses, this accessory is an effortless way to show off curves with looser pieces. Plus, there’s no better way to draw attention to (or fake) an hourglass shape.


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