The Slip Dress

There are many ’90s looks I would personally never welcome back but one resurging trend I am embracing with open arms is the slip dress. The easy-to-wear, intimates-inspired frock brings you back to the *NSYNC-loving days, but fresh updates and add-ons make the throwback a staple current.

This season’s most popular trends — pared-down minimalism, sports-infused clothing, and grungy slip dresses — are just a few of my favourite styles reprising their well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Quite honestly, I am not sure why they went away in the first place.

The slip dress was one of the first examples of underwear-as-outerwear. Typically bias-cut with spaghetti straps and often with lace trim, it is a perfect mix of daring, effortless and sexy. It can skew romantic or severe, sexy or simple: a curve-skimming little slip of a nothing dress to be worn alone.

For this season, it’s imbued with a pretty, grungy feel.  Mess up your hair, smudge your eyeliner and you’re good to go.


  1. I have my mother’s 1950’s pale brown slip. So well made it looks new and I would wear it as a dress, except it was meant for a pointy bra….hmmmm very cool, yet very disturbing 😀


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