MAC Strobe Cream

Recently I bought a sample of this cream to try before I purchased. I must say I am in love with this product.
The Strobe Cream contains mineral pigments to optically “brighten” skin, which basically means particles of shine to make skin look radiant rather than dull. Looking beyond the light show reveals a well-formulated moisturizer brimming with the essential elements normal to dry skin needs to look and feel its best. Almost all of the antioxidants included have considerable research documenting their topical benefit for skin. The only drawback being that it contains fragrance, but the amount is quiet low.

I use this right before I apply my foundation, dabbing a little on certain spots after my foundation to illuminize! It leaves my skin looking supple and glowing. If like me your suffer from dry skin this is a cream definitely worth investing in.

MAC Strobe cream is a must for people who just want some shine. It’s beautifully dewy with a soft and light, easily blendable texture, without making you shine too excessively.


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