Extreme Cleavage – The Hottest Trend

What do reality TV star Kim Kardashian, model Miranda Kerr and singer-songwriter Vanessa White have in common? Their penchant for the extreme cleavage trend, which seems to have many takers of late.

First we had the side boob, then the under boob and now the A-list are just a nipple slip away from baring all. Welcome to the latest risque fashion trend: the extreme cleavage. It’s not the size of the boobs which are huge – just that showing off a delightfully-tasteful decollatage wrapped in seventies chic, is set to be positively de rigeur. This look aims to be classy not trashy, as proved by celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson.

The trend – which has been set to be big in 2015 – has been building for the last couple of months. Bearing in mid that there’s a fine line between sexy and downright tacky so if you want to carry off a dangerous neckline – and stay in favour with the fash pack – then remember to keep everything else low-keyand simple. That means long hemlines, adding a sleek cover-up like a blazer and keeping hair and make-up minimal. As we all know there’s a difference between pushing the fashion boundaries on the catwalk or at a black-tie function, and flashing just about your entire chest while walking down the street.

With so many beautiful famous women having already experimented with this look. Will you dare to try it?



  1. Reblogged this on styleddevinely and commented:
    I love this trend! Perfect for the girls who fall into the average bust size category,this looks fabulous very cutting edge. Probably best avoided for girls like me – a G cup just can’t manage the trend and stay classy.


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