H&M Balmain

Get ready for Balmainia! Ever since Oliver Rousteing stepped onto the Billboard Music Awards red carpet last May to announce the Balmain for H&M, I have been patiently waited for this very moment. In less than 24 hours, you’ll be able to shop the highly anticipated collection both in stores and online.

Bottom line: Are the clothes any good?

There is no question that the collection resembles very closely Mr. Rousteing’s work for Balmain. Some pieces can be traced directly to their runway antecedents.The beaded minidresses and big-shouldered jackets, thigh-high boots, and shiny draped skirts and trousers channel the same 1980s Dynasty-bling that is found at Balmain today.

Personally out of the entire collection, the mulberry silk skirt was one of the most unexpected winners. Up close, the brushed silk feels luxe. Sure, the draping is not on par with a French atelier’s, but coming in at around $99, it’s an amazing buy.

There are embellished dresses, satin drop crotch pants, beaded blazers, and so much more. Rousteing has delivered a collection at a lower price point to some of his biggest fans. But will Rousteing’s enthusiasm equivalent to that of his consumers? With nearly ever site across the world wide web posting stories on the 20 photos, it seems the consensus on the line, which will hit stores on November 5 is in and on a sparkle scale of 1 to 5, fans are loving the collection.


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