Cropped Jeans – Our New Denim Obsession

Denim isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s denim shirts, skinny jeans, flares, etc, the trend of having the fabric featured somewhere in your outfit will be one to stay for a long time coming. This winter, though, it’s all about the cropped skinnies

Aside from my occasional foray, I seem to be forever stuck in skinny-jeans purgatory. So to all the women out there ready and willing to take on a new style challenge, let me introduce the crop flare.

The new denim trend is exactly what it sounds like flares that are cropped. Cropped trousers done right should elongate the leg, accentuate a narrow ankle and give daytime looks a bit of a Parisian inspired panache. The silhouette is a refreshing break from both the ubiquitous skinny jean as well as the current “cool girl” jean de rigeur, which can be a lower-abdomen disaster and only really flatters a small percentage of body types.

earing in mind that sometimes cropped styles can be tricky to pull off – anything too short and you can look a bit beefy in the calf department, anything too long and you just look like you’re wearing ill-fitting trousers. However, on the positive side, they are great for winter, because they don’t come anywhere near the ground, like regular flares, and they look amazing with boots.

Check out some stylish ladies who have been rocking them!


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