Keep Your Hat On

Ah… Fur Hats! Another fashion trend for Winter 2015. Now there is no need to panic, the colder weather can be an ally…an ally to accessorize for! Of course, I’m talking about the ever-so-chic fur hat! A fur hat is not just an accessory, it is a statement piece in the making–a great sartorial ally.

The most noteworthy option of this winter is definitely the fur hat. Maybe not something you would wear everyday, but definitely something to consider. The best thing about these accessories are that, besides looking super cool and stylish they keep us warm and comfy during the winter months. I for one have always thought how interesting it is that a fully covered up neck and head will keep you warmer than boots or thick trousers. Furry heads have been around for centuries, just think about all those ladies in the 1880’s who looked so ravishing in them while keeping warm on a blistering cold.

Nothing says sophistication and fashion-forwardness like a stylish hat, especially fur hats. It’s the quickest and most noticeable way to showcase one’s personality and unique sense of style, not to mention the functionality aspect.

Will you let your inner fashionista rock one of these babies?



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