Kylie Jenner’s Brand New Lip Kit!

The good news is if you fancy a Jenner-worthy smile? After months of teasing, Kylie has finally launched her long-awaited two-piece lip sets that promise to help you emulate her lips, without the surgery.

Jenner’s been blowing up her Instagram with images of the new line, as well as promoting the line’s freshly minted Instagram page, “Lip Kit by Kylie.” She has been capitalizing on the idea that beauty goodies can give you a rather plump pout. So she went into the business of creating some pucker products in the form of the Kylie Lip Kit.

Now, it should be noted that despite all the criticism that Kylie has received, her lipstick always looks pretty incredible. She nails that matte nude/brown lipstick trend that is all over Instagram and beloved by beauty bloggers everywhere. So far, the three colors she’s revealed Dolce K, Candy K and TrueBrown K. There are two products included in each kit: a lipstick, which Kylie describes as a “matte liquid” and a lip liner in a matching colour.

Kylie has revealed that the kits are available for purchase online today at for $29 each.

Will you be in line to get your hands on one, as these babies are sure to sell out fast.




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