The Power Of Layering

WHY wear one lovely piece when five look even lovelier? When wearing your winter wardrobe this season, why stick to one luxe fabric when a wealth of lavish layers looks so spectacular?

Layering is the platform to showcase your personal style. The thumb rule to layering is proportions. Make sure your jacket is slim-cut and well-structured to give your look a smart feel.

Fall is the season for layering, a style that not only keeps you warm, but also makes any outfit more interesting. Noting the most important thing about learning to layer is getting to grips with the basics. From sweaters to leather pants to pastel coats, these are the items you need in your closet to take your layered looks to the next level.

What do you think—will you try the look next season?



  1. This winter is supposedly going to be really cold. After the super cold snap we had a few weeks back, I was ready to consider my layers in terms of snuggies, but then we got a warm snap. Ahhh 70 degree December days = WIN. Too bad I was too busy to go look at lights because it would have been perfect. I’m thinking towards layering and unfortunately don’t have many things to make layering work, but I’m hoping to have some great looks this winter anyway! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


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