Drake Lipstick Is The Best Lipstick, Says The World

When Tom Ford announced his Lips and Boys Collection last year, everyone freaked out. However, that excitement a reached new level when he added a lipstick names after Drake to the bunch in October. And now, it looks like the rest of the world was in the same out boat as me, as we just learned that the shimmering, deep-plum hue has sold out.

The “Drake 60” shade is a part of the collection, which consists of “50 miniature lipsticks inspired by notable men in the designer’s life. Specially created with the rapper Drake in mind, this shade is a shimmering deep red-plum.” As expected, the lipstick sold out instantly, because any product with a Drake co-sign is basically as good as gold. If you’re reading this, it really is too late.

To be honest, I am pretty heartbroken about it. All of my dreams of having my lips blessed by Drake’s touch have been digitally dashed.

Meanwhile, Net-a-Porter promises “more stock coming soon” on its New Arrivals page. Of course, there’s an easier solution: you can find a very similar shade of metallic berry lipstick at NARS or even from MAC but that’s only if you’re going for colour over caché.



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