Lampshading – The New Street Style Trend

Every now and then a style trend comes around that’s equal parts funny and stylish—it’s a very rare occurrence but when it does happen, we squeal with delight. Such is the case with the latest trend that is lampshading.

Basically lampshading is a laid-back, chic way to play with the oversized silhouettes that are  in this season. This is a pretty easy style formula to follow.

To build an outfit that nods to it, simply sport some thigh high boots down bottom, and team with a thigh-skimming hemline up top.

This trend was made popular by many of the Kardashians’ street style off duty looks as well as those of many other stars. Now if you’re still stuck on the lampshading fence, allow me to present evidence as to why you should try it out as soon as possible. Kourtney Kardashian recently paired an oversized sweater with thigh high boots,  leaving just a smidgen of thigh exposed, and the result was sexy without the added worry about a wardrobe malfunction. Lampshading is totally versatile between seasons.

Really, if you’re feeling the desire to bare some skin, you don’t even need to include the boots. It’s all about keeping that hem wide in order to achieve a true lampshade shape.






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