Trench Coat Trend

It happens to you every Winter, the temperatures start to dip and you reach into your closet only to discover there is no coat stylish enough or warm enough to brave the chill outside. However, this year, it’s going to be different because there’s so much to choose from, and the selection is too good — so good you won’t be able to decide which to get.

It’s since become the staple of a smart working wardrobe but has particular pertinence this week as the forecast is especially gloomy – the rain just keeps on coming and getting dressed and remaining vaguely put together becomes harder and harder. So step forward the trenchcoat.

This elegant piece is a fashionable and comfortable outerwear staple which can be styled in so many different ways this season. You can puul out this item for several seasons with no worries about it going out of style. It looks great worn with awesome skirts, chinos, denim trousers and dresses. In today’s compilation we are going to share with you awesome ways how you can style it with matching accessories and footwear, as well as mix and match it with different styles of clothing, as seen on the streets.




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