Find Your Fit

Fitbit, the company, is well known for their activity tracker products of the same name. The Fitbit Zip is their entry-level wireless activity tracker.

I am obsessed with my Fitbit Zip and it has to be one of the best investments thus far. It is a little device designed to track steps, distance, and calories burned and help you achieve your daily goals.

The LCD screen on the face of the Fitbit Zip provides easy readout of information such as steps taken, calories burned, and distance walked. It also shows the time. The different modes are cycled through by tapping on the gadget. It’s not touch screen. The Fitbit Zip simply sense that it’s been tapped.

I clip it onto my bra in the morning, and I don’t think about it until I shower or change for bed. The little clip is super snug, so I am not at all worried about losing it. If you’re a guy, you can clip it to your waist band/belt.

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a smart fitness tracker, consider the Fitbit Zip. It’s a small device at a low price. But size isn’t everything; the Zip is packed with features that make it a robust fitness tool. The online dashboard and iOS app allow the Zip to be so much more than simply an electronic pedometer. It’s also a huge plus that it features low-energy Bluetooth for wireless syncing to mobile devices.

So whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a self-proclaimed couch potato, the FitBit Zip is designed to help motivate and improve activity levels for all, to help reach the recommended 10 000 steps every day. It is a fun, discrete, motivating and stylish take on the classic pedometer. If you’re like me and sometimes need that extra bit of motivation, one look at your FitBit Zip and you’ll want to turn that cheeky grin into a wide smile. On your mark, get set, GO!




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