Do You Want To Go For A Ruck?

Can you really get fit by putting on a rucksack and going for a walk?

There’s a new fitness trend heading to the UK and this one doesn’t require fancy apparatus or membership of a specialist gym. You simply pull on a rucksack, load it down with a water bottle or two and go for a walk.

Referred to as rucking, the exercise involves walking with a weighted pack on your back and has been practised by soldiers in America since the American revolution. The name comes from “walking with a ruck sack” which is a military term for back pack. (Plus, I don’t think ‘backing’ is quite so catchy.)

This might be the first you’ve heard of rucking, but prepare to hear more: it’s been named as one of the top workout trends.

As a general rule, using a weight of about 10% of your body weight is a good starting point if you’re already quite fit. Worrall-Thompson believes you don’t need to use any fancy equipment – just load up your backpack with whatever you like. Now if you do want to use weights, try wrapping them in bubble wrap to prevent them from moving around too much. Rucking is also good news if you find you suffer from back problems when working out at the gym: it can actually relieve and even prevent back pain.
Have you ever tried rucking? What exercise are you loving right now?

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