The Easiest Make Up Ever

I just couldn’t resist purchasing this eyeshadow pencil in the shade ‘Champagne Diamonds‘ when I saw it on Charlotte Tilbury’s rather fabulous website. The Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil is definitely a product that I have come to love.

This is a creamy shadow pencil that sets very quickly. It applies very nicely on the eyes with a very rich pigment. You do need to work with this one quickly because it sets and dries very fast. When you apply these I recommend having your brush ready to blend right after you apply to smooth out harsh edges. Champagne Diamonds glitters like diamonds. The base is pigmented if you pack the pencil on.

Make sure your pencil is as sharp as possible! Run the eye shadow pencil along the lash line and blend upwards and outwards across the socket. Sweep, blend or smudge with your finger – apply it any way you want to. Work quickly as this brilliant formula will set after 30 seconds and stay in place until it’s time to take it off!

This gold shimmer-infused Champagne Diamonds shade will intensify the natural sparkle of light eyes – just watch it illuminate your complexion.




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