Starskin…The Secret Revealed

Good Morning Ladies,

I have only recently discovered a new sheet mask brand and I am obsessed! StarSkin Red Carpet Ready Hydrating Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask is an Organic facial treatment for dry and dehydrated skin types. Each face mask is infused with 30ml of serum which is incredible! Here’s a look at the Starskin After Party Brightening Bio-Cellulose Face Mask. Brightening is my thing and this mask really brings it!

There are four different masks in the Starskin line: Calming (Behind the Scenes) Hydrating (Red Carpet Ready), Brightening (After Party) and the Firming (Close-Up) Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Masks. These are all sheet masks, so you just take the mask out, place it carefully on your face for about 20 minutes while you let the mask work its magic. You don’t have to wash the excess off when you’re done, you simply rub whatever’s left on your face in and wa-lah.

Starskin After Party Brightening Bio-Cellulose Face Mask is out now and you can buy it at ASOS. There’s a whole range of other options too. This Skincare will prepare you for the premiere and the after-party with help from dermatologists and make-up artists to the stars.




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