Perfectil Original

A couple of months ago I bought Perfectil vitamins to give my hair the boost it needed. They are vitamins to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. I have used Perfectil once a day over the past  several months after my main meal, (I wouldn’t recommend taking them on an empty stomach as they do tend to make you feel sick).

Perfectil is currently the UK’s number one vitamin supplement formula that help maintain healthy hair, nails and skin. The tablets themselves are quite narrow and not too big, and you only take one once a day. The vitamin provides specially selected micronutrients to nourish from the inside. With specific vitamins and minerals to support the building blocks of your skin’s lower dermal layer, hair follicles and nails, for normal health and appearance.

This is what it says on the box:

“Perfectil contains essential nutrients, specially formulated for utilisation by the lower dermal layer of the skin, and hair follicles. The nail bed also requires a regular supply of nutrients for growth. Take Perfectil because you new skin, hair & nails are really nourished from the inside.”

The first thing I noticed was that my nails started to have a life of their own. They were growing really long and thick as well. I noticed this one week after using it. The bonus here is being that the strong nails can last for many weeks before you start to file them. Normally my nails would have chipped or cracked and I would have to file them pretty much every day.

Secondly, my hair has practically doubled it’s monthly growth and I’ve really noticed a difference. I cannot pinpoint anything other than this product doing that. My hair used to grow half an inch a month, and now it’s a solid inch. I wouldn’t say it’s improved the condition of my hair but I use other products for that anyway but it has definitely impacted the growth of it.

The difference Perfectil made to my hair alone is my reason to keep taking it as part of my morning routine.

Has anyone else tried out these tablets or any other vitamins for that matter to help improve nails, hair and skin? Let me know!




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