The Critics’ Choice Awards – Best Dressed

The Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 mixed it up this year—and not just by swapping a traditional red carpet to baby blue. The event brought out stars from Sylvester Stallone to Matt Damon to Jennifer Aniston to Kirsten Dunst. They upped the celeb ante, and thus the fashion followed suit.

In between the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, there’s a whole lot of glamour to be had, was was seen at the Choice Awards last night, which took place at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. The more laidback event brought out the A-list in fun duds—less pressure!

While there were so many standouts, this ladies in particular were easily leading the pack!

Jennifer Aniston stole the spotlight with that thigh-high front slit, however I am sure her hubby Justin Theroux didn’t mind. Hayden Panettiere, showed off an enviable glow along with insane cleavage and a beautiful smile!


I really can’t pick a favourite – though I am leaning towards Jennifer, so I am leaving it up to you. Which star was best dressed at last night’s event?



  1. I was watching The Danish Girl at the time and thought Alicia would be part of two wins and I just was checking my Ex Machina dl, she looked great as did the ensemble for Mad max. However as they were going off air Matt Damon was noticeably pissed and cursed under his breath, presumably not winning as I thought it was a toss up and will be again.


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