Acing The A-Line Mini

Good Morning Ladies,

Hope your having a great day. I want you to have a little look at some A-line skirt styles that are a must-have for wearing this season. They look a little more relaxed than pencil styles and they are more polished and classy than the minis. Yes, the upcoming season is all about the A-line. Personally, I love seeing ladies wearing fitted tops styled with these, pretty and clean silhouette bottoms completed with classic belt, fitted cropped jacket, structured bag and ladylike heels.

All that’s missing are knee high boots and a nod to Twiggy. The new mini is referrential of the original mini, that is simple in design, but packs a brand new punch.

The A-line mini will be the key skirt shape to invest in this winter.

P.S. – This season is all about small details so add this extra long sleeve top to an A-line skirt for a modern less literal feel to a sixties look.

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