The Tansie

Kiss goodbye to streaky tan!

The specially-constructed onesie is made from a lightweight material that is designed to prevent sweating and loose fittings around wrists, ankles and waistband are supposed to prevents any tan lines.

Unlike any other disposable coverall, The Original Tansie has no elasticated cuffs or waist, allowing your skin to breathe and minimise the risk of tan lines and streak marks! Due to it’s unique non-fray material you can even cut the arms and legs to length to fit you perfectly! The material, unlike any other disposable suit makes for a super comfortable wear too!

Your Original Tansie will….

1. Prevent searching for old clothing to put on after tanning
2. Minimise the risk of stained bed sheets, furnishings, clothing
3. No more washing clothes or sheets due to tan stains
4. Allow your skin to breathe, whilst maximising the chance of developing a gorgeous streak free tan due to it’s loose design!
5. Can be used as many times as needed.

The tansie is available on for only €13.95 where one size which is designed to fit between a UK size 6-14, and up to 5ft 9.



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