Turtlenecks Are Back. What Are You Gonna Do About it?

“Can turtlenecks ever be cool again?” Some would certainly say no– that turtlenecks should be reserved for a Steve Jobs type of guy, or the people you’d see in an awkward family photo meme.

Turtlenecks are also more of a commitment than throwing on a jumper because you’re owning the fact that your neck will feel like it’s trapped in a tube for the entire day. In fact, there’s something to be said about a fashion staple that feels like you’re wearing a blanket, and that’s exactly how turtlenecks feel.They’re a way of staying cozy without rolling up to the office in a onesie. Not to mention they’re the most versatile clothing item one could ever hope for.

The classic slim turtleneck serves as the perfect cornerstone for endless outfits, and no wardrobe is complete without one. Between mixed prints, hot right now silhouettes and chic accessories, there’s plenty of #outfitinspo to be had.


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