Everyone is Wearing Dungarees

You probably owned a pair during some part of your childhood. During the 90s, they were the clothing item of choice for people raving in a field of a weekend.

The dungarees might be one of the hardest looks to pull off but will garner you the respect of your peers if you manage it. They can be dressed up or down with sneakers, or strappy heels. If you are a fashion freak, get inspired to wear yours with these super cute looks.

Add some glam and pair your dungarees with some killer heels and a pop of colour in the bag department a la SJP dashing to an upmarket brunch in New York. Or why not work the minimalist monochrome and do a laid-back take on the utility thing in the vein of Olivia Palermo.

Denim dungarees are the A-list’s street style staple at the moment and a wardrobe go-to. Get inspired to wears yours with these off-duty looks.


  1. If I could find a pair that looked good on me, I’d wear them! They’re so comfy! I had a short set a long time ago and LOVED it, but now it’s hard to find one that is cut correctly on the sides and fits nicely in the front without looking frumpy.


  2. I totally wore these as a kid! However, i’m not sure how I feel about them coming back in style- some things need to stay in the past haha!


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