Fashions Finest – Natali Nissim

Spiritual jewellery has been a favourite amongst celebrities especially since Madonna and Demi Moore began promoting the Jewish kabbalah bracelets in the late 1990’s. Founded in 2009, Nissim’s brand of jewellery has witnessed growing success, with notable fashion figures such as Chiara Ferragni and Kourtney Kardashian seen sporting Nissim’s elegant pieces.

Netali Nissim is synonymous with elegance, beauty and quality in the world of jewellery.

Netali has taken all that she has learned from her life in Italy, constantly surrounded by the most beautiful jewellery, fashion and art and infused it all into her signature collection. These designs are handcrafted and impeccable in quality. Her work presents a fusion of chic, spiritual opulent and luxurious elements.

The hand-crafted talisman lending you protection against the “evil eye” is an obvious obsession that is a worthy addition to your jewelry pieces. The sterling silver mini eye single strand chain link has been hand dipped into precious metals in order to maintain its color over time. The design is then further defined by its unique hand made bright red coral enamel.

Netali Nissim’s collection is comprised of hand crafted bracelets, rings and pendants, providing you with plenty of ways to introduce a hint of spirituality into our jewellery boxes this season.

Netali Nissim’s signature collection is available to view and buy at



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